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Environmental Resources Planning - Selected Projects


Honolulu Litter, Solid Waste and Storm Water Management Systems – Technical Assessment Report (2016)

An exhaustive study of Honolulu’s litter, solid waste and storm water management systems was conducted, particularly as they relate to litter control and diversion opportunities. This study was based upon a survey of 400 miles throughout Oahu along with extensive document reviews and interviews with local officials. A refined litter sourcing methodology was developed, yielding a Litter Visibility Index and a Waterways Threat Index. These indices indicate the prevalence of litter by source and each source’s impact on the local community as well as its likelihood to become marine debris. 


Anacostia Watershed Litter Survey (2015)

A statistically-based survey of roadway, storm water and other non-roadway sites was conducted throughout the entire Anacostia Watershed through an unprecedented collaboration between the environmental community and industry. This study encompassed sites in Washington, D.C. as well as parts of Montgomery County and Prince George's County, Maryland. Staff from Metro Washington Council of Governments, Anacostia Watershed Society and Ocean Conservancy’s former Associate Director of the International Coastal Cleanup all assisted in this landmark study.


Rhode Island Litter Survey (2014)

A comprehensive statewide litter survey was conducted throughout Rhode Island to gauge the amount and composition of litter along roadways, beaches, docks and harbors. The results, along with Rhode Island’s current recycling and litter abatement programs, were compared to those in other northeast states. Components of litter were specifically analyzed to determine the portions of litter attributable to either packaging or recyclables.


Texas Litter Survey (2019)

Our firm conducted a follow-up stateside litter survey for TXDOT in 2019, identifying changes and trends in litter throughout Texas and comparing the results to the two surveys our firm had conducted for TXDOT in 2013. That survey had added 90 new sites to the existing 153 sites surveyed in prior studies. Data was analyzed and compared by site type, product type, roadway type, physical composition, brand and size. In addition, data from both surveys were compared as was fresh and accumulated litter. Statistical tests were run with the results explained in detail. The effects of weather conditions observed during the survey were also examined.



Keep America Beautiful - National Litter Survey and Litter Cost Study (2009, 2019-2020)

As project managers for this landmark study, our senior staff led the design and implementation of a comprehensive survey to determine the amount, sources and costs of litter throughout the U.S. The changes in litter rates over time were also analyzed. Litter-related costs borne by all levels of government, businesses, educational institutions and other entities were estimated using a series of surveys and direct contacts.

Our firm was also retained by industry to identify and recommend methodology enhancements for the follow-up 2019-2020 national litter survey.


"He demonstrated innovative thinking. We faced almost daily deadlines and I could count on him to keep calm under pressure."

Steve Fowler, Director of Statistics, American Forest and Paper Association

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