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Environmental Resources Planning - About Us

ERP is the nation's most experienced firm in the field of litter-related surveys and studies examining and documenting the impacts of  litter and illegal dumping on our nation's communities, waterways and storm water systems. The in-depth experience of our veteran staff and our commitment to our clients form the foundation for developing and implementing  successful projects.

For information about how our firm can be of service to you, email us at info@erplanning.com or call (240) 631-6532.

We are a certified Maryland Small Business.

ERP Firm News

• ERP has been retained by industry as technical advisors for the 2020-2021 national litter survey. This survey expands traditional roadside analysis to include statistically significant marine and riparian environments. 

• Our firm provided the data analysis for the 2021 Utah DOT litter survey conducted as subcontractors for our friends at Chamberlin Analytics.  

• Minnesota DOT has awarded our team a new 2020-2021 litter survey and litter impacts study which we are conducting as subcontractors to our friends at Davey Resource Group.  

• In alliance with Ocean Conservancy, our firm's comprehensive New Jersey waterways litter survey was recently completed. This project was funded by grants from New Jersey DOT, the American Chemistry Council and others. It helped to determine the components of litter that reach waterways with much more precision than previous studies. 

• As part of a teaming project with our friends at Davey Resource Group, ERP completed a 2019 statewide litter survey and a comprehensive litter cost study for Ohio DOT. 

• ERP's 2019 litter survey work in North Carolina focused on determining the likely sources as well as the characterization and quantification of litter. From this work and the subsequent analytics, ERP was able to identify a profile of areas that tended to be less littered.  

• As part of a teaming project funded by NOAA, ERP  conducted a comprehensive litter sources study in Virginia that focused on specific watersheds. The findings of this study were based, in part, on intensive analytics of very localized demographics that applied to each of the residential and commercial areas within these watersheds.  

• Our firm continues to provide analytics and project support work for broad-ranging litter abatement initiatives in the City of Los Angeles. 

"Steve consistently goes beyond expectations to bring innovative ideas to his work, and he 
approaches projects as challenges to solve, not just tasks to complete."

- Tom Knox, Vice-President, Edelman

Steven Stein, Principal of ERP, is an environmental scientist whose family roots in the recycling industry date back more than 100 years. He began apprenticing with his father at the age of 16 and developed a deep knowledge and understanding of the issues and problems faced by industry and governmental entities responsible for environmental issues. 

Mr. Stein earned his B. Sci., cum laude, in Environmental Studies with concentrations in Environmental Law and Waste Management at a joint program with Syracuse University and the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry in Syracuse, NY. He also received his M. Sci. in Resource Management there, studying under two forest economists and was awarded New York SWANA's Annual Scholarship Award for his research in the relationship between macroeconomics, public policy and sustainable recycling in the U.S. His Ph.D. coursework there focused on the underlying causes of littering and pollution.

Mr. Stein assisted the US-GAO with their study regarding the current state of recycling. He has written and spoken across the country on environmental issues and topics and has been featured in the New York Times, National Geographic and Time as well as on NPR and Good Morning America discussing the impacts of litter on our communities. 

He led the design and implementation of Keep America Beautiful's 2009 National Litter Survey and Cost Study, the most comprehensive study of its kind ever conducted. Mr. Stein also served as a consultant to Keep America Beautiful on the revision of their Litter Index, which became the Community Appearance Index.

His firm organized and sponsored the 2011 National Litter Forum, which focused on the role of litter abatement in restoring our nation's communities. Attendees and participants included Keep America Beautiful, their Pennsylvania and Virginia state affiliates. Similar groups representing Maryland, Washington D.C. and West Virginia also attended. 
Mr. Stein has taught Environmental Science and Ethics in Management at the university level and was invited, as a subject matter expert on environmental issues and community dynamics, to participate in a study commissioned by President Obama.

"Steve is a top-notch researcher, author and manager in the environmental arena."   

  - Sandy Huber, Executive Director, New Jersey Clean Communities Council

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