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Mission Statement:

Environmental Resources Planning, LLC (ERP) helps our clients craft economically viable and sustainable solutions for their environmentally-related issues so that they can serve their communities efficiently and effectively. 

We treat all of our clients' issues as though they were our own and have earned a reputation for the commitment and passion we bring to our work.

Problems keep you up at night? We can help!

Environmental Resources Planning, LLC
624 Main Street, Suite B
Gaithersburg, MD 20878

Contact us:  info@erplanning.com

We greatly respect his subject knowledge. Steve is fun to work with and always stays on task. He continues to be a valuable asset to our organization."

- Becky Lyons, COO, Keep America Beautiful


We have been recognized by the White House as subject matter experts regarding the effect of litter and other environmental problems on community dynamics and well-being. 

Developing sound solutions to environmental issues such as litter and illegal dumping enhances the ability of our communities to become more resilient, strengthens our nation and creates more livable neighborhoods.

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